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Set in an exclusive, secluded rainforest gorge with a tumbling cascading creek through its heart, Adjinbilly is the ultimate rainforest hideaway - the perfect place to Rest..Recover..Reenergise.

With only one entrance, from the centre of the Cambanoora (Condamine) Gorge, it is an eco style destination like no other.

It is reached by 4WD, crossing the Condamine 10 times in the 9.5km drive from Killarney. We love bringing guests in if they do not have a 4WD.

The three self contained cabins, set within the rainforest, offer intimate privacy. Book one, two or all three cabins to share special times or special occasions around the campfire with your partner, family or friends.

See the unique platypus, the spectacular glowworms, and the mystical fireflies. Explore the rainforest and cascading creek or join our informative guided walks and share our mountain top tour with spectacular views.

Alternatively, Adjinbilly is a place where you can choose to do very little and come away feeling great.


'a place of constant water',

is a place to relax to the rhythm of nature,

to truly get away from it all

- a place of romance and discovery....

with just a twist of adventure! 

Visit us for a while...

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Tony & Sue Hoopmann



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