Adjinbilly is a nature refuge based in a secluded rainforest gorge surrounding a beautiful cascading creek with myriads of rainforest birds and creatures.

To reach Adjinbilly you cross through the Condamine River a number of times, requiring a 4WD or high clearance vehicle. If your vehicle does not suit, guests love the experience of our courtesy 25 minute pick-up drive from Killarney through the gorge.

We have three comfortable self-contained cabins with campfires and plenty of outdoor places to enjoy your natural surroundings and immerse yourself in the rainforest ambience.

‘Adjinbilly’ means ‘place of constant water’. The sound of water cascading in the rainforest permeates your entire experience at Adjinbilly.

Adjinbilly Cabins



All power is generated by solar and hydro systems and is 12volt – something really different!

What helps makes us so unique is not only the privacy and seclusion but also that life here is very simple, allowing us to live to the rhythm of nature. We are free of mobile phone service and most of the technological distractions of the modern world.

The cabins are very comfortable, yet you never lose the feeling of being in touch with nature. The LED lighting creates a special ambience within the rainforest.


Adjinbilly is the perfect place to experience deep rest. Guests are often amazed how late they sleep in here. The sun rises late over the steep mountains and cliffs of the gorge and the rainforest ambience is very restful. You can also relax in the hammocks over the creek or just spend time in any of many beautiful reflective spots in the rainforest and along the creek. At night the campfires are a very popular way to relax and unwind.


Adjinbilly was logged some 60 years ago and as a result there are several logging tracks and trails through the rainforest. You can enjoy the beautiful rainforest environment along the tracks with frequent spots along the ‘Circuit Track’ where you can rest and enjoy the cascades. Get close and personal with the huge strangler figs on the ‘Big Trees Track’ or the deep green of the ‘Moss Track’. You can also walk through Cambanoora Gorge and enjoy the many river crossings with rapids and rock pools.We also take guided walks at night to the spectacular glow worms and also afternoon excursions to observe the platypus in the wild.


We recommend you bring strong insect repellent and spray your boots, socks and lower jeans thoroughly to help prevent ticks and leeches from gettng on to you.

Bring long pants (jeans) for the walks, particularly the platypus excursion as protection from stinging nettles and other scratchy plants, warm clothes for the cool evenings, a good torch each for the glow worm walk, and good closed walking shoes for good grip on the rocks near the creek. *Thongs and sandals are not suitable for walking around the rainforest.


Adjinbilly is a declared Nature Refuge and all fauna and flora are legally protected under the Conservation Act.

The birdlife is a feature of your day here. Early in the morning the bird orchestra begins. Adjinbilly is set within a bellbird colony and they are joined by many others, including Albert’s Lyrebirds, whipbirds, cat birds, and bower birds to name a few. Identifying and photographing birdlife is a great pastime here.

Many rainforest creatures are very shy and seen only if you are very quiet and patient.  See photos and Read More (below) about the wildlife at Adjinbilly


There is a gas stove with oven, grill and stove top for cooking indoors and a gas BBQ for cooking outdoors under cover on the balcony. You can also cook at one of the two campfire areas or the wood fired BBQ.


There is a booklet in each cabin which contains essential information on settling in and making the most of your experience here.

Make sure you read through the cabin booklet as soon as you arrive. 

Call (07) 4664 1599 to make your booking today!