Adjinbilly is a place where you can explore and feel that you have discovered things for the first time.

We have changed the natural environment as little as possible. There are no graded tracks and the changes we have made on the walks are to clear away obstructions and put steps in where needed. Tracks generally follow old logging tracks, but each track has different features and all are special.

There are camp chairs on the cabin balconies that you are free to take anywhere on Adjinbilly as long as you put them back again, but there are also plenty places where you can sit and relax along the tracks. Don’t forget your camera – it is surprising what you see if you are quiet and patient!

Remember: Adjinbilly is a Nature Refuge and all native plants and wildlife are protected by law. Nothing can be moved or removed by guests.

You will find a map of the walks at Adjinbilly in the cabin booklet when you get here.

Forset Floor
Glow Worms


Adjinbilly is full of surprises.

We were following a single firefly winking on and off, trailing it through the pitch black rainforest when we turned a corner only to be amazed at a wall of lights shining brightly in the dark . Needless to say, we forgot about the lone firefly drifting away!

Since then we have discovered many additional clusters of glow worms – all spectacular but all different and special.

Our Glow Worm Walks have become a highlight for our guests.


From mid-November till January.

With their lights winking on and off as they drift between the trees they appear quite magical, almost supernatural! Fireflies lift off from the ferns on dusk until after dark. Sometimes on our glow worm excursions not only do we experience the spectacular glow worm displays but we also move through the equally magical and mystical firefly lights along the way. When that happens, it feels like we are in an aquarium of lights against the pitch black darkness of the rainforest.

Treat yourself to some true forest magic!


Platypus Excursions

Did you know that less than 1 in 1000 Australians have seen a platypus in the wild? Give yourself a great chance to join that exclusive group by coming along on a platypus excursion at Adjinbilly!

Cambanoora Gorge (Condamine Gorge) is home to many platypus’. It is not unusual to see platypus at the crossings where there are larger waterholes. We see them often when we drive through the gorge. Platypus love living here and we have to make sure that they will always choose to live here.

We run a platypus excursion in the late afternoons till around dusk.



Guests love relaxing in the hammocks over the creek. There are two hammocks in each cabin which can be set up for use at the creek. It is a perfect way to stay cool on a hot summer’s day as it is always the perfect temperature and so peaceful down near the cascades.

The water is cold all year round and if you want to get wet in the cascades, you’ll be cold in an instant! Adventurous guests sometimes try sitting under the waterfall at the cascades and we can always hear them when they do!


There are two campfire areas – great places to cook or just relax and socialise under the stars. There have been many memorable evenings around the fire. Relax during the day in the sun or the shade at the shelters at the campfire areas. It is a good place to stay dry and still be out in the rainforest on a rainy day.


The cascades are the heart of Adjinbilly. We recommend all guests take the short walk to this beautiful setting as your first priority. There are camp chairs at the cabins and guests often take them down to the cascades to spend time immersed in the special creekside rainforest ambience. Guests can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner beside the cascades – a cherished memory for a special occasion.


The beautiful rainforest walks at Adjinbilly are the perfect way to relax and recharge. With a feeling of discovery and adventure as well as privacy and seclusion. Click walks to read more about the walks at Adjinbilly.


Exploring the gorge offers the opportunity to get wet in the rapids and rockpools at the crossings. There are many beautiful spots to stop and picnic. We often go down to a crossing and relax with a book in the afternoon and it is surprising how many birds and wildlife species we have seen up close (including platypus right next to the crossings). We especially enjoy watching the water birds.

The cliffs and mountains are excellent for photography, especially when reflected in the water. The sunset colours are stunning on the cliffs and we have photographed many wildlife species and birds through the gorge. You can see some of the photos taken by ourselves and guests in the gallery. Guests sometimes bring mountain bikes to explore the gorge or take long walks through the gorge.

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